Thorough explanation of methods that introduce member management and point management and lead to sales

Thorough explanation of methods that introduce member management and point management and lead to salesThorough explanation of methods that introduce member management and point management and lead to sales

Last time, I explained about CRM tools that activate corporate activities by centrally managing customer information .

This time, let's focus on the consumer behavior of customers and deepen their understanding of the methods that will lead to sales by introducing "membership management" and "point management system".

What are member management and point management?

First, let's see what kind of benefits the introduction of membership management and point management will bring to the company.

The first is the training of repeaters.

By becoming a member, you can obtain a means of communication with customers, and by implementing communication measures, you will be able to visit the store again and make purchases.
And by giving points, it will lead to visits and purchases to use points.

Furthermore, by sharing members and points across channels, businesses, or companies, mutual customer transfer becomes possible, which can generate synergies between omni-channel and group companies. In addition, by aggregating and analyzing member point history, purchasing behavior, etc. as data, it will be possible to formulate sales measures according to the customer's current segment and level.

What you can do with the membership management system

So what exactly can a membership management system do?

In a narrow sense, it refers to a system that stores member information, but in reality it includes functions that realize operations and services that use member information. For example, Web enrollment, My Page, e-mail newsletter, campaign (gift lottery), etc.

It is also used for marketing. The member management system stores member attribute information (age, gender, address, etc.) and purchasing information, so we will use that information to analyze customer trends and promote each member by segment. It is possible.

In this way, the membership management system can be said to be a system that provides membership services while marketing to members and leading to sales promotion.

What you can do with the point management system

Next, let's explain the point management system.

First of all, the basic function is to give points and use points by customers. This includes managing the point balance and expiration date, and adjusting the number of points by canceling.

The function of the campaign is especially important. By providing points when certain conditions are met, such as membership benefits and X-fold campaigns, you can use them to promote your purchases.

In addition, when sharing points with group companies and external companies, it will be necessary to consider cooperation between companies and settlement of resources.

In this way, the point management system is a system that promotes customer purchases and sends customers to each other through sales promotion measures that utilize points.

What is the marketing method that leads from member management and point management to sales?

For both member management and point management, marketing that utilizes the members and points that are managed is important. To that end, we should consider the membership program design and PDCA cycle.

The membership program design defines the following:

・ Scope of members (all customers, excellent customers, etc.)
・ Membership organization (ranking, rank-up criteria, etc.)
・ Incentives (grant rate, return rate, grant, return target, higher rank preferential treatment system, etc.)

It is important that these are in line with the company's strategy and customer needs.

In addition, while providing membership services, we will implement measures while rotating the PDCA cycle that utilizes the accumulated data. For example:

・ PLAN: Data analysis, customer segmentation
・ DO: Direct mail, implementation of measures such as granting campaign points
・ CHECK: See the effect of measures
・ ACT: Review customer segments, review campaigns and measures

As an example, we will focus on customer data in a series of such marketing activities. Centralized management of customer data will make it easier to grasp customer needs. In addition, since the results of measures can be accumulated as data, it will lead to improvement of measures and a better PDCA cycle can be created.

By incorporating member management and point management into corporate services, it is possible to build a further relationship of trust between the company and customers. By firmly grasping the needs of our customers and taking appropriate measures, we will lead to the next purchase opportunity. Member rank-up, incentives, point awarding, etc. will be very effective in encouraging customers to take action for that purpose. In addition, by combining AI, it is possible to prevent customers from leaving. By increasing opportunities for contact with companies and providing more experiences, it should lead to improvement of LTV (Life Time Value).

In this way, the point management system is a system that promotes customer purchases and sends customers to each other through sales promotion measures that utilize points.

Let's take a look at successful cases of member management and point management.

■ Membership management / point management Success story ①: Urawa Red Diamonds Co., Ltd.

Urawa Red Diamonds Co., Ltd., which boasts the largest number of visitors in the J League, has introduced a membership management (CRM) system to further deepen the bonds of fans and supporters, centered on about 20,000 season ticket holders.

By introducing the system, the member data managed for each organization will be integrated, and the data of supporters will be stored and integrated so that preferential measures can be implemented according to the number of years of continuation, creating a foundation that looks ahead to 5 or 10 years. It was conducted.

By reflecting the collected data in the membership, we can grasp information such as the number of visits and age group as numerical values, which is also useful for new measures.

Click here for case details

■ Membership management / point management Success story (2): MI CARD Co., Ltd.

MI Card Co., Ltd., a credit card company of the Mitsukoshi Isetan Group, issues and operates cards for the group. We have introduced a point management system to provide a point system for VIORO, a commercial facility in Fukuoka, which is our new partner. As a result, it has become possible to analyze the entire affiliated card, members, details, and other units of various sizes, making it possible to acquire information from a new perspective that has never been seen before. Another big advantage is that our partners can use their own point services and points.

Click here for case details


So far, we have explained the basic contents of membership management and point management, marketing methods that lead to sales, and case studies.

By introducing services such as member / point management, it is possible to communicate according to the customer segment, which can lead to the development of repeaters and members.

In addition, marketing that utilizes customer information accumulated in the membership management system and provision of incentives through the point management system will promote customer behavior and purchasing, and will bring great benefits to the company.

Therefore, what is important is the design of the membership / point program and the PDCA cycle. I think it is the systems and partners that can centrally manage the services of members and points that help create such a system. It can be said that these strengthening of digital marketing will be further needed in the future to realize corporate strategy.

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