How to make money online | formulas that work in 2020 | Part 2


How to make money online |  formulas that work in 2020  | Part 2

Part 2

By   zain kharal

How to earn by reviewing smartphone apps 

apperwall is a service that allows you to review and earn smartphone apps for iPhone and Android.

You can earn just by writing a review. Some step are given below to earn money


Download an app

After    You get links daily of an  app 


Write a review

 then   leave a short and concise review. It will take just a few minutes.

Get money

As soon as
                 your review passes the moderation, the reward will be added to your account. You can withdraw your money to PayPal.

People who often use apps can earn a little while enjoying various apps.


How to sell and earn time with time tickets 

With web ticket manager , you can sell your free time.

For example

・I will teach you how to use Photoshop for one hour!
・Teach Chinese for one hour only!
・Let's eat together!

You can sell time by making the most of each skill.

I highly recommend it to people who are likely to make money with their skills.

web ticket manager 

How to make money with WordPress theme creation 

How to sell and earn WordPress themes.

You can make free themes, earn backlinks, and sell premium themes as the number of users increases.

Especially in Japan, it is easy to download by appealing the "Theme for SEO measures", and it is also possible to make a stable income once the fire comes on.

In addition to WordPress, there is also a way to earn backlinks by collecting headline design templates on a blog and earning as a blog affiliate.

If you have web production skills, you may try it once.

How to make money by using a shop on an unmasked  monitor 

It's more like a way to save than to earn online, but you can earn points by reviewing it at restaurants and beauty salons.

There are also shops that offer 100% cashback on all the money you spend, so it's a good idea to use it for free.

If you use fan kuru , there are many shops that cost more than half the price, so we recommend putting it in your smartphone.

The number of stores that can be used is increasing, so let's check once there are stores that can be used!

How to make money by resale (domestic trading) 

There are many methods in the world, but the main method is to buy used books that are likely to be profitable at book offs, or apply for lots of live concerts and resell tickets.

Resale destinations are ticket camps, Yahoo auctions, Mercari, Amazon, etc.

Home appliances with premiere such as popular tickets and PSVR have a big profit per time, so recently there are quite a lot of resellers.

I don't recommend using old books and recycle shops because they are not profitable and time-consuming, but since there are few rivals, it is possible to make a stable profit.

I recommend you 

web ticket manage                 rAmazon

How to make money with NAVER 

If you put together an article with a NAVER summary, you can get a reward depending on the number of views.

It's easier to get started than a blog affiliate, but earning backlinks won't be your own, and writing with a blog affiliate will definitely make it easier.

If you want to put together an article in the NAVER summary, it is not recommended so much because it is more efficient to earn money on your own blog.

How to make money with real money trading in games 

RMT (Real Money Trade) is the buying and selling of money and items in online games in Japanese Yen.

You can buy rare items and large amounts of gold with real money, but now that the operating side usually uses the billing system, it has become a way of making money that has become quite obsolete.

It was a big business for some time, such as some people earning tens of millions of yen with this RMT, but it is quite difficult now, so it is better not to put out the hand.

How to earn by reselling the legendary shochu "Mori Izo" 

The legendary shochu "Mori Izo" is sold at a price that is 10 times the list price for this shochu, Yahoo auction .

I once won the prize and resold it, but I was able to make a profit of 25,000 yen with one bottle.

By the way, since only 1000 pieces can be made every month, lottery sales are the main type. To get it at a fixed price, you have to make a lottery on the Mori Izo official website .

When you call, the machine will automatically draw a lot.

There are also lots of liquor stores nationwide, so if you're interested, it may be a good idea to try rare shochu every month as one of your side jobs.

How to design and earn T-shirts! 

Recommended for those who want to make money with their designs.

You can easily sell T-shirts by using the design function in the BASE , and Club T can sell your own design T-shirts at a specialized online shop.

It is good for illustrators to sell design T-shirts in order to raise awareness, and if you know the name to a certain degree, you can make a stable profit by selling goods.

How to earn money by answering a high unit price survey 

This is a method of earning money using a survey site.

There are cases where the high unit price questionnaire costs 500 yen to 1000 yen, and sometimes it costs thousands of yen if it takes time.

It would be efficient to go through all low-price items and answer only high-priced projects.

We recommend the research panel , which is one of the largest survey services in Japan Since there are many projects, it would be OK to use only here.

How to become a blog writer and earn money 

It is a method of receiving an order for a writing project with a cloud sourcing service such as Cloud Works instead of a blog affiliate and earning it.

The average unit price is 250 yen per article if it is a suitable article that can be made immediately, but if the number of articles increases, you will be asked to work for 2000 yen to 3000 yen per article.

You can have a lecture on how to use WordPress or practice writing, so if you get used to it, you can challenge yourself as a blog affiliate.

Since it is similar to working at home or working at home, it is often used by housewives unexpectedly and is recommended for those who want to work at home.

What can I do to earn from 2020?

There are 33 types of online businesses summarized in 2 articles. Did you find a side job that interests you?

Honest, because most of the method takes too much time to earn, as long as those who do not have the skills that are specific cloud Works will think whether going to doing, and more at the easy job is the best efficiency is good.

However, anyone can earn money on the Internet by properly accumulating knowledge, so if you are thinking of doing a side business on the Internet, please read the contents of Part 1 to 20 of this site.

For details , you can read Part 1 to How to make money online |  formulas that work in 2020  | Part 1

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