Activate marketing activities with data driven


Activate marketing activities with data driven

Nowadays, " data driven " is often asked as a business keyword .

What is data driven? What can it do and how can it help digital marketing?
This time, we will check the basic part of data-driven marketing.

What is data driven?

In short, it is a business style that determines decisions and actions regarding corporate management and marketing activities based on various data such as the number and trends of product sales, user behavior on websites, and customer attributes and preferences. It is called "data driven" (data driven marketing).

Background to the need for data driven

Thinking about marketing strategies based on data and making decisions may sound like a matter of course.

It is true that companies have long used data to determine product planning and sales strategies, and even if the person in charge used to make decisions based on intuition and experience, instead of relying 100% on intuition and experience. After all, I must have referred to sales data to some extent.

Nevertheless, there are two main backgrounds behind the emphasis on the significance of "data" in marketing these days.

Background (1): Advances in technology

One is technological progress. With the development of computer hardware capabilities, software analysis technology, communication environment, etc., it has recently become possible to easily collect, visualize, and analyze various types of data. What's more, it has become relatively easy to handle large amounts of data, so-called "big data," which is unmatched in the past.

With the power of computers in the past, handling such large amounts of data required extremely high performance and cost, and analysis was time consuming and impractical. However, nowadays, in addition to improving the performance of computers, it is possible to speedily perform analysis useful for marketing by linking with cloud services.

Furthermore, with the evolution of AI (artificial intelligence) and the practical application of machine learning, it is now possible to efficiently find meaningful trends in marketing from a large amount of data.

These advances in big data and computer technology have made it possible to visualize and analyze large amounts of data that were previously difficult to handle, and use them to formulate marketing measures that maximize sales and profits. , It can be said that it is one of the reasons why "data driven" is still touted.

Background (2): Diversification of customer behavior, preferences, and needs

Another background is the diversification of customer behavior, preferences and needs.

In the past, when you wanted to buy an electric appliance, for example, in the wake of a TV commercial, it was a matter of course to go to an electric appliance store and buy the product you like on the spot. Today's customers collect information in advance on their smartphones and PCs, compare prices at each store, and refer to word-of-mouth. Even when you go to an electronics store to see the actual product, you can look up the information on the spot with your smartphone, and as a result, you can buy it at a cheaper other store, or you can not buy it at the store after all, but you can shop online with your smartphone later.

As mentioned above, the style of purchasing is that the current customers take a wide variety of actions, such as online or in-store, from smartphones or from personal computers. It can be said to be a feature. To put it in the extreme, it's different for each customer, and it's an era when mass marketing ads targeting the “mass” are no longer as important as they once were.

Also, in the marketing world, models such as "AIDMA", "AISAS", and "AISCEAS" were known as systematized customer purchasing patterns, but these purchasing pattern models are now becoming more and more complicated. It can be said that it has been forced to update.

In the first place, the needs of each individual have become diversified, and it has become difficult for companies to accurately read their needs using conventional methods alone. Therefore, digital that flexibly responds to the present era, such as "omni-channel" that connects various channels such as stores and the Internet, and "DECAX" that allows consumers to discover products and services from article content and connect them to purchasing and sharing. Marketing strategies are becoming more important.

Steps to make data driven successful

Therefore, what is required is "data" of "individual". We analyze consumption trends, hobbies, etc. from past purchase data for each customer, Web search word data, SNS behavior data, etc., and based on those, marketing targeting each individual, so-called "One to One marketing" , Targeting advertisements that appeal to a narrower target than the mass are required.

In other words, in order to be useful for digital marketing, it is essential to first collect and analyze data , and then "visualize" customers . It is no exaggeration to say that current marketing begins with the “visualization” of individual customers based on data.


"Data-driven", which determines actions based on data such as sales / marketing data and user movements on the Web, accurately grasps the different behaviors and needs of each customer and realizes marketing that maximizes efficiency and effectiveness. Therefore, it is now an indispensable initiative.

Due to the evolution of technology, even huge and complex big data can now be easily collected and analyzed, and the appearance of individual customers derived from it can be visualized in a form useful for marketing.

If your business decisions and behavioral decisions haven't been based on data before, now is the time to think aggressively about data-driven marketing to maximize cost-effectiveness and business productivity. Is it?

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